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Ionic Flux Straight Talk…

It’s not very often I write a post about what we do or who we are. My name is Chris Jacobs and I am co-founder of Ionic Flux. My partner Boriss is my homie and a straight up dude who studied material science and got his PhD in Physics. A lot of the time our…

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Jürgen Sarjas is an Estonian rider who gives classes at the skate school in Tartu. He dreams about his hometown becoming a destination for skate trips and that one day there will be a pro skateboarder from Estonia.

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At 15 years old, Hector ‘Chino’ Reyes has already done so much and his career is shaping up nicely. In this interview, he talks with us about his goals, downhill, the Puerto Rico skate scene and more.

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Two brothers searching for adventure created North Bound Skate to get more creative on their boards and with the community. Check out our interview to get a taste of their downhill passion.

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