At the beginning of this last round of the International Downhill Federation’s World Cup Tour, three riders were battling for the Men’s Championship: Thiago Gomes Lessa (BRA), Carlos Paixão (BRA), and Dillon Stephens (CAN). The World Cup Tour starts every February and ends in November, and has 8 World Cup rounds and 13 World Qualifying Series rounds.
According to the 2015 IDF rankings, 1008 athletes from 51 countries competed in the World Cup. Brazil was the last stop with the Mega Grand Prix taking place from October 30th to November 1st. The Mega Space is a 1.2km track, has 5 turns, and the riders can achieve around 70km/h going downhill. It received over 200 athletes from all around the world competing in all categories (Open Men and Women, Master, Junior, Classic and Street Luge).
During the first two days, the riders were competing in open qualification runs. Dillon Stephens set an early lead, closely followed by Carlos Paixão who was trying to improve his time. Thiago Gomes Lessa qualified in third, leaving the World Cup decision for the final day.

carlos-paix-4Photo by Thiago Maciel

carlos-paix-3Photo by Luciano Lima Jr. Photography

On Nov 1st, Ionic Flux rider Carlos Paixão (aka Guto Negão) pushed out in front for an unprecedented win by a Brazilian rider since the IDF’s creation. Dillon pushed out 4th and made two passes, but ultimately came in 2nd place. Douglas Silva was 3rd and Thiago Gomes Lessa ended up in 4th.

carlos-paix-1Photo by Longobarding Republic

For the Women’s category, the end result was no surprise: Ionic Flux rider Emily Pross was the 2015 IDF Champion.

header photo by Stephanie Abreu

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