We spent 4 days at the Guajataca Downhill in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. It was an amazing event with hundreds of riders, great parties, killer food, wicked slide jam and a ton of stoked islanders. Normally February in Estonia really sucks – so once we flew in to paradise in the Carribbean – it was totally worth it.

The event Organizer, Hector Valle (aka birdman) hosted us by hooking us up with a killer location by the sea. Our homies from Third Kind Beyond and Hi5ber were there to share in the fun.

This was our very first International Longboard Race we got to partake in as a sponsor. I have never seen so many janked up bearings in my life – but some of the kids out here were super stoked they didn’t have to buy a new set after hitting us up.

This trip we met some really great skaters, and made some new friends and got some of our very first riders.
To name a few of the wicked riders, they include Emily Pross (who won women’s division), Hector Chino and his Bro Gabriel Reyes. They were super supportive and really stoked to chill with us and show us around. Of course, legendary Kevin Reimer was there and he won men’s and open divisions. Our homeboy, Brandon Yarbrough dominated the Pool Session and everybody had a rockin’ good time.

The parties were dope, and the vibe was legit.

So, instead of boring you with my banter, check out some of these vids from the event.

Vid by Third Kind Beyond:

Vid by Raw Thane Media:


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