Name: Hector ‘Chino’ Reyes
Hometown: Barceloneta, Puerto Rico
IONIC FLUX: You get lots of family support, especially from your father. What does it mean to you to have your family behind you all the way?
HECTOR ‘CHINO’ REYES: It means a lot to me because they know that this sport is very dangerous.
You’re the youngest rider on our team, but you’ve already achieved so much. How do you see your career shaping up?
Well, I’m only 15 and I have already done so much, but I see my career as a rider shaping up very well.
You’ve been winning junior divisions, so what do you think will happen when you enter the men’s division?
Maybe it’s not going be that easy to win everytime. But as a rider, everyone carries two bags: one for losing and one for winning. I think it will be fine; I’ve just got to get faster.

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We know you’re a fan of Hi5ber boards. Which do you skate, and what’s so good about it?
The board that I’m currently skating is the Hi5ber Python, a prototype version. What’s so good about it is that it has a variable tub with a concave rocker and effective foot platform, so it keeps me very stable. It also weighs only 2.85lbs, so it is very lightweight which is great for pushing.
Tell us about the hills in Puerto Rico. Is downhill is a religion there? Is Puerto Rico somewhere every skater should get to?
Most of the fastest hills in Puerto Rico (and by fast I mean 55mph or more) you will find up in the mountains. No, downhill is not a religion here; it’s more like a sport. Every skater just skates whenever and wherever they want to.
What’s your local riding community like?
Well, it’s a nice, classic place to be. The hills are not that fast, but they’re good to skate.

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With both surf and skate, Puerto Rico is pretty blessed. Do lots of people get involved?
Yes, lots and lots of people get involved. That goes for the youngest to the oldest.
Tell us about Guajataca Downhill. What is it? How did it get started? What do you love about it? Who is El Pajaro?
Guajataca Downhill is the biggest event in Puerto Rico. Over 200 athletes and 5,000 spectators. It got started back in 2007 when El Pajaro, Jose El Loko, and other riders found the hill. El Pajaro is the oldest rider in Puerto Rico. For us, he is a legend.
And what about Crash Boat? What was that like?
Crash Boat is a beautiful place. It’s got a fast and very technical hill. It was super awesome, a great experience, and I hope next year it will be even better.

Do your beliefs impact how you skate?
Yes, my beliefs do impact how I skate. I have great talent thanks to God who created me.
So we know that talent runs in the family, with both you and your brother Gabriel up in the Top 5. But Gabriel is a man of few words, right? Our final question is: How the hell do we get in touch with him?
Well, yes, Gabriel is a man of few words, but you can get it touch with him with my help because he doesn’t speak English.
Awesome, we’ll do that! Thanks for your time, man.

You can find Hector on Facebook and Instagram.

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