Names: Gage Cowling and Olivier Caudle
Hometown: Saugeen Shores, Ontario
IONIC FLUX: You guys run North Bound Skate on Instagram and YouTube. What is it and why’d you start it?
GAGE COWLING AND OLIVIER CAUDLE: North Bound Skate is a way to get more creative on our boards and with the community. It’s just two brothers searching for adventure using our passion for downhill skateboarding.

oliviercaudle1Olivier Caudle

So basically you’re using Instagram and YouTube to document your adventure. What people have you met as a result of this online presence?
Yeah, well, we met our homie Chris (of Ionic Flux) and a couple of other up-and-coming brands, but really haven’t reached out to too many people yet.
What’s the longboarding scene like in Canada, and where you are in particular?
Currently we’re dwelling in a smallish town called Saugeen Shores, Ontario. The longboard scene here is pretty much non-existent in our town, but we got the good hills. It’s just us two shredding our town, but we’ve had a bunch of stoked kids come up and say that was awesome! It definitely adds a little extra smile on our faces. It is growing in the cities around us, though. Actually, it’s growing super rapidly, which is super sick to see.

blog gage cowling 3Gage Cowling

We figured it made sense to interview you two together since you ride together. How’d you meet?
We met through a friend we had both known for a while. When he moved away, we just started chillin and the rest is history.

blog caudle3Olivier Caudle

What’s the Schomberg Shit Show?
It was this really fun outlaw race in Ontario. Chill vibes and some fun surfy sandy pavement.
So this was your first time there? Was it your first time competing?
Yeah, it was. We loved the hill and the race, but we’re not really keen on the go-for-the-win attitude.
Did you get the chance to meet any awesome downhill pros at this event, or was it more geared toward the local guys? Anything interesting or out of the usual take place at this race?
We met a couple pros, but we’re more focused on meeting kids like ourselves and just interacting and comparing skills. At first packs were very tight. We had a blast getting sketchy with new riders and vibing off their pure stoke.

gagecowling1Gage Cowling

What was it like losing your competition virginity?
It was tight. 😉 Blood was spilled.
You can find both on Facebook: Gage Cowling and Olivier Caudle.

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