It’s not very often I write a post about what we do or who we are.
My name is Chris Jacobs and I am co-founder of Ionic Flux. My partner Boriss is my homie and a straight up dude who studied material science and got his PhD in Physics.

A lot of the time our small little company is very much enveloped into the world of longboarding – with articles focused on races, our team riders and other little bits and bobs that are heavily community focused in the sport we represent.

Right now, I’m just free flowing, like I do when I skate. so bear with me. Where did we come from, who are we, what is Ionic Flux, and what does it matter???

My story is this. I grew up skating – started on street. At first, I ain’t gonna lie, I was a 6th grade poser who wanted that wicked pair of Chad Muska Circa CM701 skate shoes with that awesome stash pocket to store my lunch money. Yea, we know it was for weed. No way dude, wasn’t thinking about that back then.

But skateboarding for me, although I never been someone “spectacular” at it. It was a freakin’ outlet, it was a good time, and it was a challenge that I enjoyed. I didn’t land a switch varial till I was 19 anyway. How’s that for 8 years of progress?!

My first real board was a variflex double kicktail with a big ugly snake on the bottom graphic,  it was awesome!- although the first board I actually skated on was a single kicktail POS paper nash from walmart in 1996, which my sister got secondhand. That wide old-school feel was fun to skate on the sidewalks of the podunk town of Sanford (Suckford) Florida, where cracks in the concrete turned a tail stoppy into a faceplant, but hey – you live and learn.

One late Saturday night skating with my best friend in high school there was this wicked spot at this one church down the street from his house. I guess the pastor/preacher or whatever lived right nearby, and that dude came out and got mad at us for skating in his beloved parking lot. Ah man! We were pissed – he came out all like “Get the f*** outta here” and we thought, yea dude, what prick.

Too bad for him… Let’s just say that us skaters play pranks to get revenge and I’m not posting here because it’s too gross. That is how we were, just kids, who didn’t care about much of anything and did what we did.

Time moves forward, you do the elementary thing, middle school poser stuff, and being an punk in high school, and then you gotta grow up at some point. It took some time, but I finished high school while working in the produce department at the local grocery store in Florida. That was my life, stackin’ fruit and making my boss look good. Yea, but he got promoted and replaced by another dude who buggered up my plans for advancement. Because, I was gonna be a “produce manager” in a grocery store, and that’s was the cool thing to look forward to in my career. Well, scratch that, moving on.

But, got to thinkin’ at around that time, and managed to get my ass in college. Damn dude, that was a change. I mean, for real – how could some punk kid like me actually pull that one off? It’s like someone whacked me in the head with a baseball bat and said, yo dude! Grow up! Get an education fool! I never thought it could happen at that time, but it did.

I went to Uni, and that’s when I got into the whole longboarding thing. University of West Florida – which sat on a big ass hill. You should know that a big ass hill in florida is a bit like a peanut compared to a watermelon for all you real DH dudes up in the Rockies, but hey! It was home man. That peanut was fun as f*** to bomb down. My first longboard was a gravity 42 mini carver. It was legit with cutout wheel-wells and no wheel bite. That right there was some huge innovation for 2005. Good stuff – tons of fun

But yea, shortly thereafter, I moved to Kansas to be near some fam. I  finished up Uni. and  got a degree in international business then moved to Estonia. That alone is another story and a much longer one. Nonetheless, after getting here, I struggled about with who I was for a few years since I was working a not so much advancing job at the time and far from home in a foreign country.

Let’s say it was a bit of a reality check in a way. Hell I even struggled in University, not really fitting “into the curriculum.” Sorry boys, I don’t care if you study business… khaki pants, brown shoes, and an unfitted squared off suit jacket from walmart doesn’t cut it for me bro. Never gave a damn to look good for others, because I am who I am and that is how I’m going to be.

Moving to a foreign country is a bit the same, but as a foreigner, you stick out like a sore thumb, even more than on your home turf. Different language, different culture, different way of thinking, social awkwardness, culture shock, and all that crap.

You learn to love it, and when you love it, you embrace it, and when you embrace it, it becomes a part of you. After being in so many different environments like this, this became me as a person, and skateboarding is something I took with me in this whole process.

This is when you go back to your roots – embrace the parts of you and who you are and do what you want to the best of your ability, and most of all, enjoy every aspect of it along the way.

As things happened in my own life, I met Boriss at my previous workplace (since I worked in technology company) and we partnered up with a new concept he was involved with in lubrication technologies and we tested Ionic Flux in prototype form- this became who we are today, and now this is what we do.

He loves science and I love skateboarding – and we make f***ing awesome bearing lubes 100% in house with proprietary technologies – 1 liter at a time, right here in Estonia.

Some people compare us to breaking bad, I’m Jesse, he’s Walter, so you get the point.

At the end of the day, it’s about doing what you love and loving what you do, Ionic Flux is the embodiment of these two concepts, science and skate. Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s enough for this post – figured after a couple years, you got to know a little bit about me as the co-owner of Ionic Flux and to the few who wind up reading this – well, I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay stoked, Skate on, and Roll like hell


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