Ionic Flux Crew


Chris is the co-founder and co-owner of Ionic Flux. He has been an avid skateboarder/longboarder since he was a little kid. After studying International Business in the United States, he moved to Estonia and has been here ever since. You may occasionally find him longboarding along the Emajogi river in Tartu, or out bombing hills when he’s in the southern parts. He prefers a personal approach to business, so if you have questions or comments, contact him directly at



Boriss is the founding physicist of Ionic Flux. Even with a PhD in Material Science and the ability to speak four languages fluently, he is far from your ordinary academic type. He is able to take something incredibly difficult to understand and explain it without making you suffer from an aneurysm. He oversees the mixing process of Ionic Flux skate lubes. He and Chris merge science and sports to meet the daily demands of athletes.