Amazing product!

I absolutely love this lubricant!!! I have 10 different kinds of bearing lubricant on my shelf, that I will never use again!! Ionic Flux is everything I was seeking and then some! Highly highly recommend!

Joseph Luketic

Really great skateboard bearing oil, highly recommend. Wanted something specific for my ceramic bearings and this fits the bill.

Richard D'Angelo
Love it!

They are the best speed cream in the game! We’ve bumped into accidentally as we were looking for a birthday present for our friend and he likes to go fast. Since then all our group is using Ionic Flux. As skateboarders we were not aware of this hidden gem. Some people even asked us what bearings we use but we told them it’s the speed cream. Thank you again!

Daniel T.
Great oil!

Oil is good! After cleaning and adding oil - my bearings got a new life ;)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a bearing lubricant?

    Bearing lubricant is a viscous substance or oil that you put on bearings, to make them work better and last longer. The lubricant allows the small ball bearings to roll smoothly, dissipates heat, and helps protect the skateboard bearings from dirt.

  • What will happen if I don't lubricate my skateboard bearings?

    Long story short, your wheels will eventually lock up. If you don't lubricate skateboard bearings, they will rust and corrode. This will make the skateboard harder to ride and it likely won’t work well.

  • How often should I lubricate my skateboard bearings?

    That depends on your environment. Here at Ionic Flux, for the best results, we recommend lubricating your skateboard bearings once a month if your board is frequently outside. If you’re primarily inside, it’s safe to lube the bearings up every 2-3 months. Make sure to apply the lube evenly to all of the wheels and keep them as clean as possible. How should you clean your bearings? Check out our blog post here.

  • Can Ionic Flux only be used as a skate or skateboard bearing lubricant?

    Not at all! Our Ionic Flux bearing lubricants work on many different types of steel and ceramic bearings, not just skateboard wheels and bearings. If you have a specific application you aren’t confident about, Contact us here, and we'll gladly help!

  • What is the difference between Black Steel, Black Ceramic, and the Gold Series?

    As the name suggests, Black Steel is the best used for steel bearings. The same applies to Black Ceramic. The Gold Series is a bit different and can be used
    for steel and ceramic bearings. The Gold Series is an ultra-low viscosity lubricant exclusively for race application. The Gold Series has less retention than our other variants and thus needs to be lubed up more often. However, it has no break-in period meaning it's perfect for racing. Check out the product pages for more info on every product.

  • What about shipping?

    Since we have warehouses in Europe and the United States, shipping times are typically a few days only. For more shipping information, check out this page.

  • What about returns?

    We have a 30-day return policy, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • I am unhappy with the product. What now?

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you aren't happy with the product, performance, shipping, or anything. Contact us here, and we will get you a replacement or fix your issue GUARANTEED!

  • Where can I buy skateboard bearing lubricant?

    Right here! Ionic Flux makes some of the best skateboard bearing lubricants on the market. Visit our shop today to keep your wheels rolling as smoothly as possible.

How to keep your skateboard bearings in top condition

It's no secret that skateboard bearings need to be well-maintained to achieve the best performance and longest lifespan. A lot of skateboarders think that all they need to do is apply some skateboard bearing lube when they start to feel a bit sluggish. This is not the case! For your skateboard bearings to perform their best, you need to use the right type of lubricant and follow a regular maintenance routine. Keep reading to learn how skateboard bearing lube by Ionic Flux can help prolong the life of your skateboard bearings - and get the best ride out of them!

The difference between steel and ceramic skateboard bearings

Steel skateboard bearings are the most common type - they're durable, affordable, and easy to find. However, they do require more maintenance than ceramic skateboard bearings. Steel bearings tend to rust if not properly lubricated, and they can also corrode over time. Proper maintenance and care are important. Ceramic skateboard bearings are made of silicon nitride or zirconium oxide, which makes them much harder than steel bearings. They are less prone to rust and corrosion, and they also run smoother and cooler in temperature than steel bearings. However, ceramic skateboard bearings are more expensive than steel bearings and they are not as widely available.

Signs you need to apply skateboard bearing lube

If you're skateboarding regularly, it's a good idea to inspect your bearings every few weeks for signs of wear and tear. Here are some common symptoms that indicate it's time to lubricate your skateboard bearings: Your skateboard is no longer rolling as smoothly as it used to The skateboard is making more noise than usual You're having difficulty turning or pushing the skateboard The skateboard feels "sticky" or "gummy" to ride

Skateboard bearing care

To get the most out of your skateboard bearings, it is important to keep them well-lubricated. The type of lubricant you use is critical, as using the wrong type of lube can damage your bearings. In general, it is best to use an oil-based lubricant for skateboard bearings. Here at Ionic Flux, We design our lube for skate bearings with all of this in mind. When applying the lube, be sure to apply it evenly to all of the bearings. You can do this by dripping the lube onto a paper towel or cotton swab and then rubbing the bearings with it. It's also important to keep your bearings clean - using a skateboard bearing cleaning kit every few weeks will help remove dirt and grit that can damage the bearings. If you follow these simple tips, you can keep your skateboard bearings in great condition and enjoy a smooth, fast ride!

Ready to hit the pavement? Conclusion:

You need Ionic Flux's skateboard bearing lube to achieve the best performance and longest lifespan of your skateboard or longboard bearings. There are two types of skateboard bearings - steel and ceramic. Steel bearings require more maintenance than ceramic bearings, as they are more prone to rust and corrosion. Ceramic bearings are much harder than steel bearings and are less prone to rust and corrosion. They also run smoother and cooler than steel bearings. Signs that it is time to lubricate your skateboard bearings include a decrease in rolling smoothly, an increase in noise, difficulty turning or pushing the skateboard, and a feeling of "stickiness" or "gummyness" when riding. The best way to lubricate your skateboard bearings is with an oil-based lubricant, such as our skateboard bearing lube. When applying the lube, be sure to apply it evenly to all of the bearings, and for best results, clean your skateboard bearings with a bearing cleaning kit every few weeks before applying the best lube for skateboard bearings by Ionic Flux.