Amazing product!

I absolutely love this lubricant!!! I have 10 different kinds of bearing lubricant on my shelf, that I will never use again!! Ionic Flux is everything I was seeking and then some! Highly highly recommend!

Joseph Luketic

Really great skateboard bearing oil, highly recommend. Wanted something specific for my ceramic bearings and this fits the bill.

Richard D'Angelo
Love it!

They are the best speed cream in the game! We’ve bumped into accidentally as we were looking for a birthday present for our friend and he likes to go fast. Since then all our group is using Ionic Flux. As skateboarders we were not aware of this hidden gem. Some people even asked us what bearings we use but we told them it’s the speed cream. Thank you again!

Daniel T.
Great oil!

Oil is good! After cleaning and adding oil - my bearings got a new life ;)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ionic Flux only suitable for skate or skateboard bearings?

    No, Ionic Flux works on many types of steel and ceramic bearings. Are you unsure of the application? Contact us here, and we'll gladly help!

  • What is the difference between Black Steel, Black Ceramic, and the Gold Series?

    As the name suggests, Black Steel is the best used for steel bearings. The same applies to Black Ceramic. The Gold Series is a bit different and can be used
    for steel and ceramic bearings. The Gold Series is an ultra-low viscosity lubricant exclusively for race application. The Gold Series has less retention than our other variants and thus needs to be lubed up more often. However, it has no break-in period meaning it's perfect for racing. Check out the product pages for more info on every product.

  • What about shipping?

    Since we have warehouses in Europe and the United States, shipping times are typically a few days only. For more shipping information, check out this page.

  • What about returns?

    We have a 30-day return policy, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • I am unhappy with the product. What now?

    We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you aren't happy with the product, performance, shipping, or anything. Contact us here, and we will get you a replacement or fix your issue GUARANTEED!