Ionic Flux Team Rider Harrison Tucker came in 5th during the Adrenalina skate marathon of 2015

The Adrenalina Skate Marathon is held once a year on Fiesta Island in San Diego, California. In 2014, 142 skaters from all around the globe came to compete in this major skate event. There’s a 3.5 hour limit for this 42km battle of fitness, endurance and skateboarding prowess.

Since 2011, the Adrenalina Skate Marathon has been committed to raising awareness for Parkinson’s Research. A percentage of the skaters’ registration fees will be donated to the Summit for Stem Cell (S4SC). S4SC is a grass roots, volunteer-led fundraising organization supporting non-embryonic stem cell research, and operates under the nonprofit status of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD).

Ionic Flux Team Rider Thomas C Slager (NL) came in 2nd in 2013. Last year, he came back determined to win, and after 1 hour and 33 minutes Thomas was the first skater to cross the finish line. As Thomas told us in a recent interview, he’s aiming for even better results in 2015.

In the women’s division, Lexi Hutchings (USA) has won for 3 years in a row and is the reigning queen of the marathon.
Check this vid of last year’s Adrenalina Skate Marathon to get a taste:

We’ve got the results from Fiesta Island!
Thomas C Slager and Joe Mazzone were neck and neck during the entire race. Thomas crossed the finish line just milliseconds ahead of Joe: 01:37:03.74 versus 01:37:03.95.

Ionic Flux Team Rider Harrison Tucker came in 5th with a time of 01:48:15.37. In the women’s division, Allyssa Monteiro from Chicago took the title from the reigning champion, San Diego’s Lexi Hutchings. For complete results, you can check the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon official results page.

It was an amazing day and an awesome race! Congrats to Ionic Flux Team Rider Thomas C Slager on keeping his crown! Check out Adrenalina Skate Marathon’s facebook event page for some sweet pics of the marathon.

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