About us

About us

Ionic Flux merges sciences and sports to meet the daily demands of athletes.

Ionic Flux was founded in 2014 by longboard fanatic Chris Jacobs and Ph.D. holder Boriss Mahrov. Together they came to the first version of Ionic Flux. The mission of Ionic Flux is to have you ride faster, longer and smoother. Our vision is to empower athletes to be the best possible version of themselves.

What Ionic Flux does, you can read that on this page. How do we do it? You can read that here.

Ionic Flux bearing oil reduces friction in bearings by forming a thin molecular film on the surface of internal parts, which repel each other as a result of polarized molecules, ensuring non-contact between metallic moving parts. The nano-particles in this lube create a restorative effect by polishing away internal surface deformities, ensuring the extended performance and life of your bearings under the harshest of downhill, distance, and street skating. This low viscosity oil is combined with additives that purge dirt and moisture, and contains corrosion inhibitors to battle all the asphalt and weather elements your bearings encounter.


Skate further than by reducing re-lube intervals. Ionic Flux molecules retain oil on the surface they bond to, which prevents oil seeps that occur after hard skating over long distances.


Any heat generated from friction at high speeds will usually burn up regular oils or cause them to thin out, leaving your bearings damaged. The molecular structure found in our lubricants does not break down but instead continues to protect your bearings under the most extreme temperature conditions.


If your bearings have faced the elements and rusted, the nano-technology in our skate lube can bring old bearings back to life. With a proper clean and lube, our lubricant has been known to remove rust and unseize bearings that have corroded.


Rain or shine, skate in every type of weather. We have incorporated additional additives in our lubricant to battle moisture, purge dirt, and inhibit corrosion.


For Downhill, Distance, Freeride, and Street – Ionic Flux is designed to reduce sliding friction and rolling resistance generated by metal-to-metal contact and heavily used bearings – meaning you go faster with less holding you back.