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Ionic flux black ceramic

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Black Ceramic is a specially formulated oil with ultra low viscosity, designed for competitive skaters using hybrid ceramic bearings. As a result of polarized molecules that bond to steel, this oil forms a protective friction-reducing tribolayer on the internal steel raceways of your ceramic bearings. The result is maximized performance, improved oil adhesion, and protection against wear and corrosion. Coupled with Ionic Flux’s nano-technology additives, this oil polishes internal raceways and mends micro-cracks to reduce rolling resistance and extend bearing life.

Bearing Types Supported: Ceramic Ball Bearings
Application Amount: 2-3 drops
Break-in Period: 20-30 minutes
Recommended Re-lube interval in dry conditions (hours of use): 40-60 hours
Oil Adhesion and retention: 8/10
Unsiezes rusted and corroded bearings: ✓
Restorative/Polishing effect: ✓
Dirt Purging: ✓
Moisture and Corrosion Protection: ✓

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Ionic flux black ceramic


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