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Ionic Flux Black Steel

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Black Steel reduces friction in steel bearings by forming a thin molecular film on the surface of internal moving parts, which repel each other as a result of polarized molecules, ensuring non­contact between metallic moving parts. Nano­particles in this lube give a restorative effect by polishing away internal steel surface deformities, ensuring the extended performance and life of your bearings. This low viscosity oil is combined with additives that purge dirt, moisture, and contains corrosion inhibitors to battle all the asphalt and weather elements your bearings encounter.

Bearing Types Supported : Steel Ball Bearings
Application Amount: 3-4 drops
Break-in Period: 30-45 minutes
Recommended Re-lube interval in dry conditions (hours of use): 60-80 hours
Oil Adhesion and retention: 10/10
Unsiezes rusted and corroded bearings: ✓
Restorative/Polishing effect: ✓
Dirt Purging: ✓
Moisture and Corrosion Protection: ✓

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Ionic Flux Black Steel


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