Ionic Flux Gold Series

Ionic Flux Racing series Product Image
Ionic Flux Racing Series Bearing lube with skateboard in background
Ionic Flux Racing Series bearing oil in use on a steel bearing
Ionic Flux racing series box contents
Ionic Flux Racing series Product Image
Ionic Flux Racing Series Bearing lube with skateboard in background
Ionic Flux Racing Series bearing oil in use on a steel bearing
Ionic Flux racing series box contents

Ionic Flux Gold Series

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GS formula is an ultra low viscosity lubricant exclusively for race application. This oil incorporates military grade nano-additives that take immediate effect and provide optimum performance on demand. Combined with polarized molecules that bond to steel, and 2 specific nanomaterials, it first forms a friction reducing tribolayer on all internal raceways to protect and reduce sliding friction, instantly fills in nano-fissures of surfaces to smoothen, and incorporates micron-scale nano-materials that reduce all forms of rolling resistance continuously. Intended specifically for application before each race, it will enable absolute peak performance possible from your bearings to give the leading edge in competition.

Bearing Types Supported: Steel and Ceramic Ball Bearings
Application Amount: 2-3 drops
Break-in Period: None
Recommended Re-lube interval in dry conditions (hours of use): <10 hours
Oil Adhesion and retention: 6/10
Unsiezes rusted and corroded bearings: ✓
Restorative/Polishing effect: ✓
Dirt Purging: ✓
Moisture and Corrosion Protection: ✓



As soon as you apply 3 to 4 drops of Ionic Flux to the surface of your bearings, an electro-chemical bond forms and Ionic Flux liquid will start to serve as a protective, friction reducing layer. Ensuring non­contact between metallic moving parts.


The nano-particles smooth out un-even surface wear by abrasively removing existing corrosion. The polarized tribolayer stops corrosion from forming on the steel surface, while existing corrosion bonded to the steel surface is loosened.


Micro-cuts, cracks, fractures and general fatigue can be mended by nano-particles. Ionic Flux will act as a bandage and fill damages in your bearings. Ensuring a longer lifespan of the bearings.


After continued use of Ionic Flux, nano-particles polish bearing surfaces as you move the bearing, keeping them clean and free of debris and any internal steel surface deformities, ensuring the extended performance and life of your bearings.


Nano-particles greatly reduce rolling resistance and restore bearings to good working order. The difference before and after applying Ionic Flux can be night and day. It will enable peak performance from your bearings to give that leading edge in competition.


A polarizing layer of micro-bearings mixed into Ionic Flux bonds with the steel raceways and ball bearings. The molecules stabilize oil viscosity through a wide temperature range, ensuring continues adhesion and preventing seep-out or ‘thinning’ over long periods of time, keeping a super-smooth interface between critical moving parts.

Molecular Bearing Lube

Ionic Flux Lubricants use the latest molecular chemistry and nano-technology. Black Steel reduces friction in steel bear- ings by forming a thin molecular film on the surface of internal moving parts, which repel each other as a result of polarized molecules, ensuring non-con- tact between metallic moving parts. Nano-particles in this lube give a restorative effect by polishing away internal steel surface deformities, ensuring the extended performance and life of your bearings. This low viscosity oil is combined with additives that purge dirt, mois- ture, and contains corrosion in- hibitors to battle all the asphalt and weather elements your bearings encounter.

For Downhill Skaters

Ionic Flux is designed to reduce sliding fric- tion and rolling friction generated from met- al-to-metal contact and imperfect surface roughness of heavily used bearings—meaning you go faster with less to hold you back.

any heat generated from friction at high speeds will usually burn up regular oils or cause them to thin out. The molecular struc- ture found in our lubricants does not break down at high temperatures.

For Distance Skaters

Skate farther than before by reducing re-lube intervals. ionic Flux molecules enable oil retention on the surface they bond to, which prevents oil seep out that occurs after hard skating over long distances.

Rain or shine, distance boarders skate in every type of weather. We have incorporated additional additives in our lubricant to help battle the moisture, dirt, and corrosion that every skater faces.

For the Cheapo Skaters

If your bearings have faced the elements and rusted, the nano-technology in our skate lube can bring old bearings back to life in many (but not all) cases.

With a proper clean and lube, our lubricant has been known to unseize bearings that have corroded. Don’t dish out more money to buy another set of bearings. Save up for your next deck, instead.

For Every Skater

Every skater knows that bearings will last lon- ger if you lube them. it’s a basic fact.

Reducing friction with ionic Flux enables all of these things to improve your performance on the track or when you’re out skating. For best results, it is always recommended to clean your bearings before using ionic Flux Black Steel.

Us vs others

Ionic Flux Other Brands
Specifically crafted for skateboard bearings Generic mass-produced lubricants
Makes your bearings roll faster, longer and smoother Makes bearings roll smoother
Revitalises rusted and worn bearings by purging dirt and polishing the bearings with Ionic Flux’s nano additives. This results in an extended lifetime of your bearings No restorative or life extending effects
Protects your bearings from moisture and rusting by forming a thin protective layer No rust or moisture protection
24/7 support via Instagram, Facebook and email No support at all.
Designed and tested in Estonia Zero quality control


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