Protection, lubrication and restoration - keep your bearings rolling smooth for a very long time with Ionic Flux.

Ionic Flux is a patented oil with a steel-bonding tribolayer that coats non-perfect surfaces, improves oil adhesion to friction handling surfaces, intensifies oil stability over a wide temperature range, and improves sliding friction better than any standard oil. Giving you a faster, smoother ride on longer lasting bearings.

Find out the science and effects that Ionic Flux enables in six steps:


As soon as you apply 3 to 4 drops of Ionic Flux to the surface of your bearings, an electro-chemical bond forms and Ionic Flux liquid will start to serve as a protective, friction reducing layer. Ensuring non­contact between metallic moving parts. Keep in mind of the break in period of 30 to 45 minutes of riding after applying.


The nano-particles smooth out un-even surface wear by abrasively removing existing corrosion. The polarized tribolayer stops corrosion from forming on the steel surface, while existing corrosion bonded to the steel surface is loosened.


Micro-cuts, cracks, fractures and general fatigue can be mended by nano-particles. Ionic Flux will act as a bandage and fill damages in your bearings. Ensuring a longer lifespan of the bearings.


After continued use of Ionic Flux, nano-particles polish bearing surfaces as you move the bearing, keeping them clean and free of debris and any internal steel surface deformities, ensuring the extended performance and life of your bearings.


Nano-particles greatly reduce rolling resistance and restore bearings to good working order. The difference before and after applying Ionic Flux can be night and day. It will enable peak performance from your bearings to give that leading edge in competition.


A polarizing layer of micro-bearings mixed into Ionic Flux bonds with the steel raceways and ball bearings. High thermal stability means Ionic Flux fluid remains on the bearing for a long time. The molecules stabilize oil viscosity through a wide temperature range, ensuring continues adhesion and preventing seep-out or 'thinning' over long periods of time, keeping a super-smooth interface between critical moving parts.

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