Thomas C Slager shares his passion for longboards, local scenes, winning Adrenalina

Name: Thomas C Slager
Hometown: The Hague

IONIC FLUX: You’re an ambitious and competitive rider, and we really admire your drive. When did you start competing?

THOMAS C SLAGER: When I turned 15.

Tell us about the
Haagsche Longboard Marathon. When did you start it, why did you start it, and (for those who might be interested in doing something similar) how did you start it?
I started this organization because I wanted to promote the sport. It started in 2013. My crew and I had a hard time finding sponsors for the event, which is how you organize — you find sponsors for goodies and payment for the racetrack.

What is your involvement in the Dutch Summer Solstice Ultraskate? Just as a rider, or are you involved in other ways?
I’m at the event every year. That’s all. I’m not with the organization, and my interests are in the fast marathons, not the slow ultraskates, but it is fun to be there.

What is your training like? How do you prepare for marathons?

That is my secret.

You ride a
Maha board, right? Tell us about it.
The Maha decks are made with tech other than the normal everyday plywood decks. The deck is made out of solid wood pushed together from the sides, so Maha decks show racing stripes. That’s not a graphic but another layer of another kind of wood.

Other than Ionic Flux, who are your sponsors?

I have Seismic, my wheel and bearing sponsor. I’m very happy with them; they make high quality bearings and their wheels roll out long. In combination with the Ionic Flux formula, it makes for the best ride.

What’s the ROGUE team?
The Rogue team is suppose to be a team of Long Distance Skaters. All members are highly skilled in at least one discipline in the sport. At the moment I can’t advance the whole thing  because there are no sponsors for it.

What’s your local scene like?
My LDP scene… Well, I’m not very populair in the main LDP scene here. I train alone and I never meet up with them, and they don’t meet up with me either. The overall longboard scene is nice here. We have shops like Rollerwave and Sickboards, where people hang out and get advice for their boards if they need it. Those two longboard stores also sponsor my events every year.

You seem to have a lot of clear goals, several of which you’ve already accomplished. What are some of your current short- and long-term goals?
My short-term goal is to win the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon once again. The long-term goals are to keep winning—wherever I race, whenever I race, and however I race.

Alright, time to talk about Adrenalina. In 2014, you competed in California and took first place ahead of Joe Mazzone and Andrew Andras. What was that like for you — both the race itself and winning it?
My start was clumsy as hell, but I made up for that in the second lap. I left the lead pack and went ahead of them, found a good pace and kept going with that. I opened a time hole of at least five minutes. Winning was amazing. The whole San Diego thing is so big and overwhelming; the sunset there makes me feel small. There is nothing like it, it’s so amazing, and the race is also much more overwhelming than other races. In short, I still cannot believe that I won this great marathon.

Ready for Adrenalina 2015?

Yesterday I checked my stamina level. Well, I could do a little better, but I should be ready.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, this summer me and my organization from the Haagsche Longboard Marathon started this new sprint event called RACEDAY. Its focus lies on short distance LDP racing, like 500 meter, 5 km, relay and more brutal speed limit pushes.
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